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"An unforgettable nail experience"
What people are saying about us:
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Lydia N.
Des Plaines, IL

I went with my mom and a friend... gorgeous place and very clean. Of course it's new (only two weeks open) but you can tell they hold cleanliness as a standard. They toss the buffer squares after every use and use new slippers and separators. A little more expensive than some places in the area but worth it. I got the bliss mani, pedi which includes longer massage, hot towels. It's normally 38 but they have a special right now for 32. 30 for regular. They even time the massage so you get your fair share (i hate getting jipt of massage time). Everything is labeled and the lotion is warm. Ben and Sue were very nice, helpful picking colors. I was impressed they had three people there first thing in the morning. My mom whose nails always chip the next day due to work, look perfect. My nails look perfect. Ill see if they hold the weekend. They have OPI, Essie and China glaze.I will definitaly be coming back. One of the best experiences so far.

Mary Ann E.
Des Plaines, IL

I went to Nail Bliss for the first time today and was very impressed! They really took their time with me. It was a wonderful experience and I am sure I will be back again!

Mary S.
Des Plaines, IL

We celebrated my daughter's pre-wedding pampering with a visit to Nail Bliss Spa. The place is incredible. Clean, well decorated, soft lights....Sue and Ben let me bring in some munchies and some beverages for the bridal party. They could not have been more accommodating for the afternoon we were there. Their "bedside manner" is impeccable. I am recommending Nail Bliss to all my friends. It is worth the price, the experience is exquisite ( we especially liked the warm towels.!!

Nicole K.
Franklin Park, IL

It is so nice to find a really nice & clean nail salon with good prices. This is def now my go to place.

Kimberly A.
Franklin Park, IL

This place is AMAZING! I have been going from salon to salon every week and I have been hating all of them but this salon is beyond great. I think that their prices reflect the quality that I received. My nails look beautiful and I was made to feel totally comfortable. My search for the perfect nail salon has come to an end and I will be going back to nail bliss all the time. I can't wait to get a pedicure next time

Lauren D.
Orland Park, IL

This place is AWESOME!!! The staff is very friendly, the place is immaculate, and the nail polish color choices are out of this world! I actually drive from Orland Park to Des Plaines (about an hour drive with traffic) because I know I can't get the quality and service anywhere else. I had the OPI No Chip manicure done almost 2 weeks ago and my nails still look fantastic, not to mention all of the compliments I have been given as well. The pedicures are better than any day spa or hotel spa I have ever been to and the price is awesome. Not only do they do a heated lotion massage, they also use a gritty salt scrub and do a massage as well. I really can't stop raving about Bliss Nails! I think my devotion of driving an hour each way to have my nails done says a lot about this place!

Mihaela K.
Elk Grove Village, IL

The place is spotless clean, the staff is very nice and they do great job. Love the decor! I will most surely be back.

Linda K.
Des Plaines, IL

It's about time we had a BEAUTIFUL, CLEAN place in Des Plaines. THEIR NAIL TECHS ARE TERRIFIC!!!!

Shelly R.
Schiller Park, IL

Hand's down one of the best nail salons ever! It just recently opened in June , a young couple owns the place. I must say that I am impressed with this place. I've been to quite a few nail salons and never have been completely satisfied. The salon is beautiful and very clean. The staff is super friendly and have such positve attitudes. I had gotten a no chip manicure and pedicure about 3 weeks ago and it still looks great! I think I will make my next appoitment today!

Staci C.
Des Plaines, IL

I love this nail salon! Its so clean and luxurious! I love the extra care they take with their manicures and pedicures. They are friendly and do a nice job. This is my new nail place!

Christina R.
Des Plaines, IL

Beautiful nail salon. Had first pedicure and nail fill a few weeks ago. Will definately go back. The owners are warm and accomodating. They all speak English unlike other salons I've been to where the employees hold conversations in their native language right in front of the customers, which is extremely rude. The place is spotless with plenty of TV screens. Will definately go back.

Sandra B.
Des Plaines, IL

Very trendy and A WONDERFUL she-she place. IT IS IMMACULATE HERE and everyone is so friendly. You will feel pampered and made to feel special here. The prices are a little more, but it well worth it. Once you have been here, you will never go back to any other salon! You absolutely HAVE to come here!

Ophelia K.
Des Plaines, IL

I love this place, very clean and very friendly! They do awesome work at reasonables prices. I highly recommend this place!

Chicago, IL

I was very impressed with this nail salon in Des Plaines! I called for 2 last minute manicure appointments on Christmas Eve, and they were able to get us in. (They take walk-ins as well.) The salon was sparkling clean, and everyone was very friendly. They used warm cream and hot towels during our manicures, which is something I rarely see at nail places. The prices were very reasonable too - $13 for a manicure that was done to perfection. There was plenty of available parking and the salon is next door to a Starbucks. I'm looking forward to going back.

Dina V.
Des Plaines, IL

I'd been going to another salon for many years and had just one too many bad experiences so I decided to try Nail Bliss. It was a delightful surprise! It's a beautiful place, Sue and Ben are super nice to do business with. From the moment I walked in, I could tell it was going to be a good thing. My nails turned out beautiful- and for less than I paid before!! I would definiely recommend them to anyone.

Rose O.
Des Plaines, IL

I've been getting mani/pedi & artificials for 14 yrs and since I moved out of Chicago 8 yrs ago I have yet to find that nail salon that I'm satisfied with until a few months ago that I came to this salon. I love it! The customer service is great, all the workers are great! No complaints at all. I will no longer search or try out another nail salon again. As long as they're around I'll b a faithful customer & return. 

Carolyn M.
Des Plaines, IL

So I thought I had yelped about this place before but I realized today I hadn't published it some how. So here it goes long overdue! I absolutely LOVE this place. My mother and I go to get our nails done together its our thing for a long time we went to LEE NAILS in Des Plaines but we got sick of making appointments and watching them take other walk-ins they knew better in front of us and literally waiting hours. The final straw was the day I had to leave early and they over charged my mother ALOT for the two of us because I wasn't there to call them on it! That day also Nina cut me so bad I got an infection from their dirty equiptment....... So I went on the hunt for a new salon and found NAIL BLISS! I will repeat myself I LOVE THIS PLACE! we have been going everytime there now and we see Sue who is great. Faster than anyone who has every done my nails but at the same time doesn't rush she is just naturally quick. The salon is beautiful and SUPER CLEAN. The people that work there are all soooo nice. I feel really comfortable and relaxed whenever I am there. When I call to make an appointment I never wait more than the time it takes to pick out my polish. I plan on staying a long time customer!!!!!

​Sarah V.
Des Plaines, IL

My absolute FAVORITE nail salon. I started going in the Summer of 2011 and haven't stopped! The pedicures are my favorite. I've brought my best friend here, and my twin sister! They are friendly, do a fantastic job, and it lasts forever! They are also one of the few salons that don't mind it when I bring in my own nail polishes. The salon itself is very clean and I love the sparkly decor with the flooring and lighting. I never feel uncomfortable and they are accommodating even when I show up close to their closing hours. They've never rushed me and go above and beyond to make sure I'm comfortable every step of the way. My twin sister who normally got her pedicures done at the mall said she will ONLY go to Nail Bliss (and she lives in Racine, WI!) from now on because of their wonderful service. Can't rave about them enough!

Ana H.
Des Plaines, IL

I asked Sue for pink glitter gel nails (I always get gel nails) and she did them perfectly!! I stupidly tried opening a can of coke with my nails and broke my actual nail before the fake nail. Which to me is good because it shows the quality of the fake nails! I went a second time and got white gel nails, one of which chipped a little only because I accidentally slammed my finger on METAL. They fixed it when I went to get them refilled, you couldn't even tell that I had chipped it! Not to mention I went last minute and they still took me in and did a good job! Just a few examples of how durable these gel nails are! and they DON'T fall off. Best place to get your nails done, I just hope that they get 3D nails because then they would be passed perfect!!

Arlene F.
Chicago, IL

Seen the great reviews on Yelp and I thought I should give this place a try considering the guy who was doing my nails at a different shop left. I didn't know they preferred appointments and they were still able to fit me in for a fill-in and a pedicure and may I add the best pedicure I ever had! The salon is very clean and the staff is very professional - I will be going back!

Maria T.
Des Plaines, IL

Awesome and clean! They did an amazing job on my feet and nails!!! Love the warm lotion long massages and hot towels :)!

​Jitthida N.
Morton Grove, IL

LOVE!LOVE!LOVE! I highly recommend Nail Bliss! They are welcoming, professional and fast, but never feel rushed. They have quality service and high standards. The establishment is super neat and clean. I get my nails done with Su and she's always coming up with new and fun ideas. Even my husband was impressed with his pedicure and Has gone back since.

Joshlyn T.
Chicago, IL

wow finally! after months of switching from one salon to another i have found a place that i can finally see myself being a regular! the staff was super duper friendly and not to mention how great the service is! you get more than what you pay for and im hoping it continues to stay that way! the place itself was ridiculously clean, cozy yet adorably classy (loved the columns and mini chandeliers hanging in the salon!)! definitely will be a regular here soon! =)) thanks to yelp!

Park Ridge, IL

Discovered Nail Bliss when they opened one year ago. Even though the business has grown like crazy, the quality has not suffered one bit. Sue is a great business woman who knows what it takes to keep people coming back.....attention to detail, cleanliness, friendliness and top notch nail techs. If I mention that Ada is awesome, everyone will want to book with her and I'll be out of luck:)

Ella S.
Chicago, IL

Best nails spa in town... a friend of mine recommended that I go there and I couldn't be happier totally loved the place and service. Ben~ is the best, he did a great job!

Heather L.
Des Plaines, IL

This is my new favorite nail salon in DP. The kind of place I'm not sure I want everyone to know about lest I be waiting out the door next time I come in. The pedicures are a full foot and leg massage up to the knee. They really take their time. This is not a place to be rushed. The manicures are the same with a massage but the pedicure is the real treat. Beautiful space with friendly and plentiful staff. Comfy pedi chairs. It's always crowded on a Saturday but I've never had to wait more than five minutes. All good.

Alison T.
Chicago, IL

Great nail spa. Friendly staff, lots of nail polish to choose from. They take their time and do a very thorough job. The salon is clean and prices are great!

Michele H.
San Francisco, CA

I visit Des Plaines once a year and I'm so glad Nail Bliss opened up here! I went to this salon for the first time when they had first opened last August and I was the only one in the place (might have been a weekday). This year I came in without an appointment on Saturday around 11am and they were packed! The girl who did my nails last year said they would able to fit me in for a mani-pedi and a mani for my bf right away. Despite being squeezed in I never felt rushed or uncomfortable. Kudos to the owner for creating such a great establishment. This is the only nail salon I'll go to when I'm visiting Chicagoland!

+ Plenty of free parking - it's in a strip mall right next to a drive thru Starbucks
+ They take their time with the services and even use a mini hour glass during the hand massage for those people who get finicky about not having a long enough massage and like to complain about it on yelp instead of saying so at the time. It tickled me pink and I had to smile when I saw that - great idea!
+ Really nice staff that are talkative when you are, but also blend into the background when you just want to relax and enjoy
+ Good color selection, although they were out of my fav Cajun Shrimp - get more!
+ Prices are totally fair and worth it for the service and ambiance they provide

This place would be even better if they offered water/refreshments/sparkling wine, but it's no biggie, just stop by Starbucks before you head in.

Linda L.
Des Plaines, IL

I just went to Nail Bliss for the first time today. It was wonderful! I had a pedicure and eyebrow wax with the same person. She listened when I asked her to avoid the one ingrown nail and worked around it beautifully. When the color I had chosen started to get a little thick in the bottle, she ran and looked for another one and ended up bringing back a slightly darker shade. She apologized, asked if I liked the new color, which I liked better than my original choice. She removed what she had done so far and we started over and she quickly caught up. I'll be back for sure. Comfy chairs, great exfoliating, followed by a massage. Beautiful!

Jessica Z.
Des Plaines, IL

I visited this salon for the first time today. I got a gel overlay on my natural nails. The nail tech was so friendly and explained what she was doing before she did it. She saw the nail color I picked out (light pink) and recommended I use the pink gel so I could achieve that color with out polish, I'm glad I went with it because it looks awesome! I didn't get a pedicure at this appointment but after seeing other clients and how much time they spend on doing your toes and feet, I will defiantly be getting one of those in the future! Thanks guys! I will be back in 2 weeks for my fill in :)

​Johanna G.
Lake Elsinore, CA

Stopped in for a manicure while in town for a conference. Manicure came out great and lasted! The only con is that they are not located in California. If they were I would go to them regularly and never go elsewhere!

Lauren P.
Des Plaines, IL

Ahhh, this place is, well, bliss! A very clean salon, very professional as well (as in they speak English in front of the customers instead of their own language) and they do a great job! The prices are very reasonable and competitive with other local salons and the quality of what you get is superior. The "bliss" mani/pedi is amazing.

Erin F.
Evansville, IN

The best pedicure I've had! After searching for a nail salon close to my hotel I decided to try Nail Bliss Spa due to the fact that they had a website and the photos assured me that at least the atmosphere would be enjoyable. They were prompt and ready for my appointment. Attention to detail is great and the staff were all smiling and happy (or at least faked it after a long day) which deserves extra points. Another plus is that I could understand everyone there - I didn't feel like I couldn't communicate because of a language barrier as in many other nail salons. I will recommend and return! The prices are very competitive and fully divulged on their website.
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